Working Mothers Venn Diagram | Working Mums | Professionelle

By Nikki Launder

Nikki writes,

“The inspiration for this article has come from the many, many mothers I know who work full time, part time, study, or choose not to be in paid employment. They have children who range from 8 months to 12 years. They all work in professional roles and include lawyers, teachers, doctors, accountants, architects, graphic designers, clinical psychologists, business owners, stay at home mothers and those who have returned to University to study. They have provided me with anecdotes and thoughts on their typical days managing children and work. These have formed the following Venn Diagrams that illustrate our domains”.


Working Mothers Venn Diagram | Working Mums | Professionelle

[Click the image above to open Nikki’s pdf of 25 poignant, funny and simply spot-on observations about the realities of being a working mother today].



Nikki Launder has Bachelor of Building Science, Bachelor of Architecture (hons) and Master of Architecture degrees.  She has worked as architect in Wellington, Sydney and Auckland (as a Practice Director at NZ’s largest Architecture firm, Jasmax).

Nikki works part-time as a registered architect designing residential housing, analysing urban/suburban/community spaces and as an architectural researcher in business (design thinking, architectural representation and marketing).

Nikki is married, has three children aged 3, 5 and 7 and lives in Westmere, Auckland.

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