Our Sponsors – Intelligent Ink

We’re delighted to partner with Intelligent Ink, who are supporting us to reach our communications goals.

Intelligent Ink are all about clever things with words. A small but mighty team, they’re passionate about helping organisations and businesses tell their stories and reach the people they need to, so they can focus on what they do best.

They’ve worked with a variety of not-for-profit organisations across various sectors, including HELP Auckland, the Entrepreneur’s Organization, Deaf Aotearoa and Lifewise.

Founded and run by women who are passionate about helping others excel, Intelligent Ink are the perfect partner for us to get our stories out into the world. Their team are experienced in PR, copywriting and content generation, and offer support with social media management, branding, communications strategy and fundraising.

We’ll be working with them to provide mentoring, learning and networking opportunities, as they assist us to reach more New Zealand women, and to support them as they advance through their careers.

For more information, visit www.intelligentink.co.nz