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On the 120th anniversary of women’s suffrage, Air New Zealand announced its corporate partnership with the Professionelle Foundation, the charitable trust committed to fostering the career needs of New Zealand’s working women.

Air NZ sees this partnership as one of the cornerstones of their multi-faceted diversity strategy. Air New Zealand Head of Leadership Development, Corporate HR, Resourcing and Diversity, Jodie King said:

“Air NZ strives to provide opportunities for advancement for all our employees and we believe that this partnership with Professionelle will significantly improve our access to the types of resources that can help women at all levels in our business to grow and succeed.

One of Air New Zealand’s guiding principles is to work together as a team to promote the growth and vitality of our company.

We recognise the absolute importance of giving senior women a seat at this table.

We are looking forward to embarking on this journey with the Professionelle team.”

Professionelle was founded in 2007 initially as an online community directed at women in large public and private organisations and professional services firms. In addition to online resources, the organisation now provides networking seminars, coaching and mentoring opportunities as well as a range of professional development workshops.

The aim of Professionelle’s corporate partnership programme is to provide a range of initiatives to help women develop their working relationships, networking and marketing abilities as well as their leadership potential. Professionelle is also a corporate partner of law firm Simpson Grierson.

Galia Barhava-Monteith, co-founder of Professionelle added:

“We are looking forward to working with Air New Zealand and believe the partnership will provide greater depth and real value to the career development of their women. This is a very exciting new relationship for us.”

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