In the Media

Since our inception in 2007, Professionelle has often featured in the media, across national press, magazines, TV and many websites. We are often asked to contribute on our specialty topic of professional women.

NZ Herald Career Supplement, January 11th 2014

Galia BarHava-Monteith was interviewed by Val Leveson for an article on New Year goal setting and used her own recent experiences as well as developments at Professionelle as examples.

NBR, April 26th 2013

Our “Power Coaching Women onto Boards” event at AUT Faculty of Business & Law, with panellists Pip Greenwood, Rebecca Thomas and Andrea Vujnovich was the inspiration for an article by Colin Bass on the risks and rewards of directorships.

Next Magazine, March 2013

Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes was interviewed for a piece on gender pay equity, sparked by the NZICA salary survey.

NZ Herald, March 16th 2013

Galia BarHava-Monteith was quoted in an article on the discrimination women face during and after maternity leave.

NBR, March 7th 2013

Galia BarHava-Monteith was quoted in an NBR article on the career barriers that women still face.

The Listener, August 2012

Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes and Rebecca Thomas, one of our Directors were interviewed for a story on how to increase opportunities for women in the New Zealand workforce.

The Listener, May 2012

Galia BarHava-Monteith’s was asked for her views on the scarcity of women in senior management roles in the New Zealand Police

The Listener, May 2012

Galia BarHava-Monteith’s was asked for her views on managing demanding roles in the Listener’s lead article titled Are New Zealanders Overworking?

Business Herald, February 2012

Making a play for pay rise a big step.  Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes was interviewed about her views on how good women are in negotiating their salary.

Next Magazine, September 2011

Inspired in part by our seminar “The Good Girl’s Career Guide”, Gill South, freelance writer and long time Professionelle supporter, wrote a piece about career progression for Next Magazine.

Business Herald, August 2011

On bridging the pay divide – We argue that there’s a lot more to the argument that  women earn less because of the life choices they make.

Herald on Sunday, July 2011

On the benefits of taking time out. Galia BarHava-Monteith was interviewed on her perspective on the importance of doing nothing on the weekends to recover from busy weeks.

Office of Ethnic Affairs 2011

Galia BarHava-Monteith was featured in Trailblazers a publication celebrating the inspirational journeys of Migrant Women Entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

Business Herald, August 2010

Women leaders offered a helping hand to climb the ladder. Galia BarHava-Monteith was interviewed in this feature on the benefits on mentoring to advancing women’s careers.

The Press, Christchurch, May 2010

Kathryn Jackson, lead facilitator for Professionelle’s South Island networking chapter, reported on Professionelle’s first ever networking seminar in Christchurch. She also shared her views on the seminar’s theme of mentoring, and the value mentors add to women’s careers.

Weekend Herald, January 2010

Wearing her executive coach hat, Galia spoke to Val Leveson about how professionals can set themselves up to succeed in 2010 after the challenges of 2009.

Next Magazine, May 2009

Sarah’s experiences as the main breadwinner in her family were captured in a feature article by Gill South in the May 2009 issue of Next magazine.

NZ Herald Jobs, April 2009

Galia BarHava-Monteith’s thoughts on the many benefits of networking were captured in Val Leveson’s article “Networks Open up a World of Opportunities” which appeared in the Herald Jobs pages on April 22 2009.

Weekend Herald Jobs, November 2008

Following our talk at the EEO’s Diversity in Action workshops, Val Leveson interviewed us for the front page of the Weekend Herald’s Jobs section. Her very positive article on Professionelle’s history, insights and plans appeared on November 22nd 2008.

NZ Franchise Magazine, September 2009

Sarah’s interview with Estelle Logan, now the Chair of the New Zealand Franchise Association, was reprinted in NZ Franchise magazine in September 2008.

NZ Management Magazine, July 2008

Sarah was interviewed for a NZ Management Magazine piece by freelancer Helen Tatham on the subject of effective networking ( published 1 July 2008).

TV One News, April 2008

Galia appeared in a TV One Special Report on professional women and workplace flexibility on April 24th 2008. Hannah Ockelford, one of our members, interviewed Galia and also two guests at our 1st birthday party.

NZ Herald Business, April 2008

In response to the gloomy findings of the 2008 Census of NZ’s Women’s Participation, Sarah wrote an article on the business case for having more women at the top. It was published in the NZ Herald’s Business on April 4th 2008.

NZ Lawyer Magazine, March 2008

NZ Lawyer magazine contributor, Amy Mansfield, quoted Galia in her piece “Mum’s the word” that appeared in March 2008 and explored the issue of flexibility for working mothers in the legal profession.

NZ Herald Career ’08 Portfolio, January 2008

During the January break we had two pieces published in the NZ Herald’s Career ’08 Portfolio. One was on The Impostor Syndrome, or feeling like a fraud on promotion. The other was on Building A Personal Brand. Both of these articles built on existing Professionelle pieces by weaving in interviews with senior recrutiment professionals.

Sunday Star Times, November 2007

Sarah’s letter to the Business Editor of the Sunday Star Times, in reply to a piece on the number of women in boardrooms either side of the Tasman, was published on 11 November 2007.

NZ Herald Business, November 2007

Galia was quoted in Gill South’s 2nd November 2007 article in The NZ Herald’s The Business called “Women Who Don’t Want to Run with the Wolves”. In it, Gill investigated the reasons for women opting out of traditional forms of employment.

NZ Herald Business, September 2007

Galia’s piece “On Networking and Diversity”, inspired by our day at the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust’s Diversity Symposium, appeared in the September 28th 2007 edition of the NZ Herald’s The Business.

NZ Lawyer Magazine, July & August 2007

NZ Lawyer magazine ran our piece “The Trouble With Bosses” in their July 20th 2007 issue. On August 3rd, our advice to new law graduates on “Choosing the Right Career Path” was published too.

NZ Herald Business, July 2007

“Pay Gap For NZ’s Professional Women Worsening” – our analysis of recent Income Survey data was published in the NZ Herald’s The Business on July 20th 2007.

NZ Herald Careers, July 2007

What to Do with Baby? – the front page of the NZ Herald’s Career section (July 4th 2007) carried Donna McIntyre’s article quoting our views on choosing childcare.

NZ Herald Business, June 2007

We had excellent coverage in The NZ Herald’s The Business pullout on Monday 25th June 2007. This issue featured Theresa’s Gattung’s exit interview. Our analysis of the stagnation of women at the top over the last decade appeared, as did our views of the barriers to women advancing and remaining in full time work.

Herald on Sunday, June 2007

A June 17th 2007 Herald on Sunday article spoke to Galia about families’ influence on children’s career choices. Galia’s father, once the Deputy Treasurer of Israel, wanted her to become a lawyer. He’s now writing novels and we all know what Galia’s up to!

National Business Review, June 2007

Online Community for Women at Work – the National Business Review’s People in Business Section on June 15th 2007 profiled our site and our aspirations.

NZ Herald Careers, June 2007

Becoming a Supermum – we were quoted on the front page of the NZ Herald’s Career section on June 13th 2007 in an article by Donna McIntyre. Donna’s piece provided advice for professional mothers returning to work after a child.

North & South Magazine, June 2007

Our letter to the Editor of North & South magazine was published in their June issue. We commented at length on their March lead story on the Power of Women over 40.

The Aucklander, May 2007

Women’s Web Support – an article and accompanying photo introduced Professionelle and the two of us to the readers of The Aucklander on May 30th 2007. In the same issue, Sarah Lochead-MacMillan, a Professionelle member, commented on our site and gave her views on the realities of a professional working woman’s life in Choose Wisely and Get Good Advice.

Herald on Sunday, April 2007

Be Honest, Not Overly Modest, When Calculating Worth At Work – on April 15 2007, Galia contributed to a Herald on Sunday article about pay rise tips for women.

Sunday Magazine, March 2007

“Age-Old Question: When to Have Kids” – in early March 2007, Galia was quoted in the Sunday Magazine on this topic. The article is only available on in cached form, but you can find Galia’s views on The Right Age to Have a Baby on this site.