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imagegenThis is something I shouldn’t admit too freely, however for all you lovely Professionelle colleagues out there I will……I quite enjoy reality TV, I find it an abstract study of human nature and behaviours, the Modern Anthropology 101 paper I never managed to fit into my Uni timetable if you will.  I’m fascinated by the anathema to our daily lives, especially since most of it is American and ergo, so foreign to our laid back ‘kiwi-ness’.

Streetwise author

It does occasionally however, throw up some very interesting characters, one of whom goes by the name of Kelly Cutrone.  She’s a tough talking, unsympathetic, street-wise PR Guru with one of the most sought-after Fashion PR firms in New York.  As well as having her own MTV show called Kell on Earth, she mentored the now successful designer Whitney Port.  Really, the title of her book “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You” pretty much establishes the tone of the book.

Be yourself

The overriding thread through the book is that we really need to listen to ourselves and our inner-voice, we need to filter out all the other voices, friends, family, colleagues, bosses and especially what traditional society dictates:

In breaking away from the familiar and the expected, you’ll be forced and privileged to face greater challenges, learn harder lessons, and really get to know yourself.

Chapters include topics like:

  • how to find your tribe
  • a breakthrough can come in the form of a breakdown
  • having a brand, and
  • my favourite: “B***h is not a bad word”.


If you’ve never watched Kelly on TV, this book will give you a pretty good insight to her personality, brash, no-nonsense, witty and truthful.  She certainly calls it like she sees it. I found this book to be less of a self-help book and more of a conversation on how she got were she is and how she thinks empowering yourself will help you get where you want to be.  I enjoyed it particularly because of the directness and the emphasis on the importance of truly listening to yourself.

Last words

The quote that best sums up what Kelly is trying to convey in her book and really resonated with me is this:

I want you to fearlessly pursue your dreams and your destiny, conscious that you are not what you do, listen to your inner voice, refusing to let superficial things define you, asking yourself the hard questions about what you believe and what you will serve, fighting the fears in your own mind, and finally, loving other women in the process.


Having recently completed her MBA, Saku Abeysuriya is currently working on figuring out what’s next. She is a finance graduate who spent her early career in the financial services industry.  She has worked as Dealer Support, Business Analyst, Team Leader and Operations Manager.

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