Group Mentoring Programmes

Practical support and strategic insight

Professionelle is dedicated to helping remove the hurdles women face in their careers, as well as providing practical support and strategic insight to support women to achieve career success.

Research has shown that one of the most important factors in women’s career success is mentoring. It is crucial for young women to build relationships with more senior women who can provide advice and support.

A high-quality mentoring relationship also allows more senior women to develop their coaching skills and to contribute to the development of others.

A group approach

Professionelle focuses on a group mentoring approach. This allows for the facilitation of peer mentoring; creating not only opportunities for junior women to be mentored by more senior women, but also by each other.

A group mentoring format also creates an opportunity for mentors to practice their skills in facilitation and managing group dynamics.

Professionelle programmes will typically include:

  • Senior men and women selected as mentors
  • Mentors comprehensively trained using material developed exclusively for the programme by experienced executive coaches
  • Mentees matched with mentors, using tailored criteria
  • Launch event and workshop, mid-year event and workshop, end-of-year event
  • Regular support and additional training for mentors over the year.



"Professionelle partners with organisations to deliver this research-based scheme, tailoring the programme to suit."

Ready to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about our mentoring programme and how it might benefit you or your organisation, please contact our Director, Jayne Chater on or 021 779 967.