By Yvette Hopkins, The Bespoke Dresser

The Bespoke Dresser provides dressing solutions for women in business.  Different from styling, it’s not based on trend or fast fashion, but instead all about the client and their individual dressing needs.  I’ve penned three tips exclusively for Professionelle members:

Plan ahead

One of the things I share with bespoke ladies is that many fashion collections launch in stores well in advance of the seasonal weather.  So if you are planning to attend the Races or have been invited to attend a wedding this summer, the best pick of outfits for these occasions will be available in-store now!

Prepare for those special occasions and start planning your ensemble early to get the best dressing solutions for you.

Think about cost per wear

I love value buys and I have always been attracted to quality garments.  One of my frequent discussions with clients is about investing in locally made or ethically manufactured garments.  Buying quality pieces means the cost per wear ratio gets reduced with each outing!   I also love that artisan made goods are more likely to retain their newness gloss for longer.

Exude confidence

This is the intangible element of a well-dressed woman.  Regardless of size, shape or shopping budget, everyone can achieve confidence in dressing well.   Some things my bespoke ladies are doing to achieve this:


  • Prepare your complete looks ahead of the season
  • Maintain accessories ahead of the season for example send your shoes to get re-soled and polished at local cobbler, do a garment “wear and tear” audit and take them to get repaired at a local tailor’s
  • Always wear a signature fragrance
  • Outsource garment maintenance to a trusted drycleaner
  • Simplify your beauty admin routine
  • Update your underwear collection often. As they are the first article of clothing you put on each day, they should feel great and fit well
  • Do a seasonal wardrobe edit and only have garments accessible that fit well now, not in 2kgs time!
  • Make sure you LOVE your hairdresser and that they do what you need! Doing your hair each day should be a stress free experience.

The Power of Preparation

These all seem like logical and easy to manage tips and somewhat unrelated to confident dressing solutions.  But it is proven these prep activities help to build confidence when approaching the wardrobe each day.  These tangible tasks can be achieved and adapted to suit any budget, so don’t put them down the bottom of your priorities list. Make the connection between allowing yourself time to prepare and confident dressing.

One of my favourite quotes, from Christian Dior:

The most important of all is care. Care in choosing your clothes, care in wearing them, care in keeping them.

 Complimentary offer to Auckland Professionelle members:  To book a free fifteen minute consult session with your choice of coffee or bubbles, simply email Yvette at

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