Developing Women’s Careers

Developing women’s careers is a priority for Professionelle. Workplaces with professional women in senior positions should be the norm. Sadly, often this isn’t the case for many reasons.

Professionelle runs professional development seminars for working women around New Zealand. We offer highly relevant, tailored events for women keen to progress their careers and move into senior workplace positions.

Our research-based professional development seminars include topics such as:

  • Secrets of successful women
  • Tips on authentic networking
  • Living your values at work and beyond
  • Flexibility in the work place
  • Mentoring
  • Self-awareness

We find that our seminar material resonates strongly with women in large public and private organisations and in professional service firms. It can often mean the difference between them feeling confident to progress in their careers and losing that all important personal belief.

Our events are unique in that they also enable professional women to meaningfully connect and work with each other (see Connecting Professional Women). Opportunities like this are essential for building a strong professional support network.

In addition, we will come into organisations and run cost-effective in-house seminars for the women in their workplace.