by Verity Craft

What does career success mean?

We all want to succeed – but of course, success can mean different things to every one of us. Whether it’s climbing your way up the corporate ladder, securing a significant pay rise for the job you know you’re owning, or growing your skills in order to start your own business, your success will never look the same as another person’s definition.

So what, then, is career success?

Career success is all about achieving your goals – and feeling good about doing so. It’s not about what you “should be doing”. After all, taking on more and more managerial roles and responsibilities may suit some people, others are passionate about actually “doing the thing” and may have no interest in going into higher positions where they won’t get the chance to truly focus on what they’re good at. Career success is all about knowing what’s important to you on a personal level – and making that happen.

How do I know what career success looks like for me?

Try exploring what achievements have meant the most to you – are there any common threads? How about the skills you have? Are there any you’d like to build on or develop? Consider your strengths and interests – what will keep you engaged and make you feel like you’re doing an awesome job? Now how about what values are important to you? Do you feel like you have a purpose in life, or values that you have to be living by?

After you’ve taken all these into account, consider where you want to be in a year or so. How about five? If you got to the end of your lifetime, what would you want to have achieved? Most importantly, what will have made you happy? That’s success.

I know what I want – so how do I get there?

We’re big fans of a theory called PIE. While there’s no one-size-fits-all way to achieve career success, P.I.E. is all about having three levers that you can pull on to have a real, lasting impact on your career:

  • Performance
  • Image
  • Exposure

Performance is something that many women feel comfy with. Delivering the goods is what so many of us do well! But when it comes to making sure we’re doing the RIGHT tasks to help ourselves succeed? That’s what some of us aren’t quite so good at…

Image is all about how you’re seen, or remembered. Whether it’s being known as an expert, a pushover, a supportive coach, or a bad-ass boss, your image is your personal brand – and it’s vital that you’re authentically and positively building on it.

Exposure is simple – it’s about how well you’re known. Do you have a big network who are talking about you and recommending you? Do the higher-ups in the business know who you are? Regardless of who you need to be known by, how are you getting in front of them.

Okay, we get it…giving you three words to remember isn’t exactly going to make pulling on those levers easy. That’s why we’ve put together an interactive seminar focused on helping you use the P.I.E. formula to achieve career success. With a focus on authenticity and practical advice, we’re excited to help women from all walks of life use performance, image, and exposure to achieve their goals and truly attain career success. It’s (almost) as easy as P.I.E.!


What: Your Career Success Formula: PIE

When: October 17, 6pm-8.30pm

Where: The Cube, ASB North Wharf, Auckland.

To book, click here!

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