Corporate Crossovers

By Lucy Chang-Lorinczi (reviewer)

When it’s time to leave the office and start your own

Corporate CrossoversHow many times have you thought about leaving your corporate job
and starting your own business, but have been unsure about what
lies ahead or how to make it happen. Wendy Kerr’s CORPORATE CROSSOVERS – WHEN IT’S TIME TO LEAVE THE
provides sound advice
and guidance on how to transition successfully.

As an executive coach and researcher on female
corporate executives who have crossed-over to become entrepreneurs,
Wendy shares genuine personal stories and realistic expectations to
help the reader gain a fuller understanding of the journey ahead.
Having directly experienced the crossover herself, she shares
candid insights into the trials and tribulations of the journey
that can be charged with unexpected emotional and intellectual
questioning, common amongst anyone going through significant

In addition to answering the question about what lies ahead from
an individual change perspective, Wendy also provides concrete
examples and frameworks on how to establish your business from
setting the vision & strategy, sorting out the financials to
time management & networking techniques.

The tools & questionnaires provided at the end of each
chapter, act as a guide to help the reader reflect, assess and gain
clarity & confidence towards the mission ahead before
proceeding to the next stage of the journey.

Taking the leap

As a former corporate executive who made the cross over to start
my own consulting business almost 2 years ago, I wish I read
Wendy’s book earlier. Some of the examples she cited align with my
personal encounters. Knowing the challenges one faces when taking
this leap forward is half the battle as one can prepare and plan
for the known. Sometimes the unknown is more intimidating and can
throw uncertainty at even the most confident individual. The other
half of the battle, is having a good support network of other women
corporate crossovers to share stories, successes and advice on how
to reorganize our work lives in order to achieve greater personal
fulfillment. Wendy’s book & coaching are great examples of this
support and enablement.

While Wendy’s mission is to help women and addresses balancing
work and family issues, I believe this book can help anyone who is
undergoing this corporate crossover transition and feels in need of
some guidance, encouragement and support. The book is practical,
easy-to-read and highly recommended regardless of what stage of
transition you may be in.


Lucy Chang-Lorinczi is Managing Director of Nextstep Consulting
Ltd based in Auckland. She is a management consultant and helps
companies “go global” and gain competitive advantage through their
Talent & Leadership strategies.

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