Managing People

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    June, 2015
    By Debbie Schultz of Fuel50 Career Engagement Group Employees are asking for it, organisations are formalising ...
    It’s time to give ‘part time’ a makeover
  • Mum's Returning to work | Top Tips | Professionelle
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    May, 2015
    By Andrea Lewis They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What they don't add is that ...
    Is it time to reprogram your inner GPS? by Andrea Lewis
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    April, 2015
    By Jayne Muller of Altris I was asked recently for my favourite quote and I didn't have to think hard to find i...
    Five Simple Strategies to Build Confidence
  • Mead hall | Career & Finance | Professionelle
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    December, 2014
    By Nicola Rowe "Languages!" says the Dean, running a thumbnail down my transcript. "Haven't you done anything r...
    Everything I needed to know about working with the guys, I learned from Beowulf
  • Stressed Woman At Work | How to Say No at Work | Professionelle
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    November, 2014
    By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes I think the main thing that is keeping me playing the 'yes-man' role is that I want to b...
    How to say No at work - And why you should!
  • Joanna Grochowicz | Agent of Change | Professionelle
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    February, 2014
    By Joanna Grochowicz of Bugle There's a great view from the Auckland offices of Be.Accessible.  Several floo...
    Agent of Change
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    September, 2013
    By Karen Humphries I was one of about forty Professionelle members who attended Marisa Fong's "Lean- in"-styl...
    Toxic Work Relationships – A Shared Story
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    July, 2013
    By Jayne Muller of Altris As an extrovert who has grown up in a family of extroverts, working mostly with ext...
    The Challenges of Introverts, Through the Eyes of an Extrovert
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    June, 2013
    By Galia BarHava-Monteith Forget the 'man flu', I would like to coin a new term, right up there with working ...
    Why do we feel guilty being sick?
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    May, 2013
    By Joanna Grochowicz of Bugle Being in the boardroom is a new thing for Ranjna Patel, joint-founder and Directo...
    Innovation Leads to Growth
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    May, 2013
    By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes (A who's who of social liability) Social liability. For me, that phrase conjures up ...
    Frenemies, Vampires and Time-Wasters
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    January, 2013
    By Tom O'Neil of BEFORE YOU START! One of Europe's leading career specialists, Daniel Porot, studied c...
    Standard Interview Questions - and Answers