• portfolio career
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    February, 2018
    I'm thinking of leaving my corporate job and exploring the idea of working a few part-time jobs instead - maybe joining...
    Ask the Expert: Setting up for a Portfolio Career
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    June, 2015
    By Debbie Schultz of Fuel50 Career Engagement Group Employees are asking for it, organisations are formalising ...
    It’s time to give ‘part time’ a makeover
  • Graph | Women in the Labour Market | Professionelle
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    March, 2015
    By Fiona Fenwick Very recently, Professionelle Board Trustee Fiona Fenwick, represented Professionelle at a multi-Gov...
    NZ Update: Women in the labour market
  • Mum's Returning to work | Top Tips | Professionelle
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    January, 2015
    By Gerri Power "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." -Soren Kierkegaard ...
    Resilience in 2015
  • Aurecon Women | Keeping Women in Engineering | Professionelle
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    November, 2014
    By Sharon Manssen Aurecon's experience I am a female engineer by training and for the past 10 years I have worked for ...
    Trying to keep women in engineering
  • Glass Ceiling | Women in Business | Professionelle
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    October, 2014
    By Jayne Muller of Altris Emma Watson shone a light on the role of men and women in the fight for gender equality at ...
    The pace of change is slow for women in transition
  • Setting Goals | How to Navigate Your Early Career Path | Professionelle
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    September, 2014
    By Amanda Clinton We live in a world with endless possibilities. Millennials are told that we can do anything...
    5 tips on how to navigate your early career path
  • Supporting professional women in business | Professionelle
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    May, 2014
    By WorkingMums Here are a few 'bright spot' tips and tricks from like-minded professional women. As Brigid Schulte, a...
    Bright Spots from a few Bright Sparks
  • Dr Mollie Marti Quote | On Balance, On Target, Onwards | Professionelle
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    May, 2014
    By Pamela Bell Like you, I am a professionally-driven woman with a few balls on the juggle - home, kids, career, carer ...
    On Balance, On Target, Onwards
  • Working Mothers Venn Diagram | Working Mums | Professionelle
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    May, 2014
    By Nikki Launder Nikki writes, "The inspiration for this article has come from the many, many mothers I know who w...
    Working Mothers illustrated in Venn Diagrams
  • Superwomen | Concierge | Book Review | Professionelle
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    March, 2014
    Life is busy - we hear this all the time and it's true.  Here we are and it's March. Where did January and February go?...
    Concierge Confidential
  • Joanna Grochowicz | Agent of Change | Professionelle
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    February, 2014
    By Joanna Grochowicz of Bugle There's a great view from the Auckland offices of Be.Accessible.  Several floo...
    Agent of Change