Book Reviews

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    January, 2018
      Fiona Fenwick is a past Trustee of Professionelle Foundation. Some of you may have attended the sessions s...
    Stand Out and Step Up
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    October, 2015
    A book review by Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes I first tripped across this career guide while I was mentoring a high school s...
    The Adventures of Johnny Bunko - a career guide comic book
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    September, 2015
    Why I’m adapting a Marian Keyes book into a short film by Robyn Grace   Women aged between 35 and 55 are...
    A Woman's Right to Shoes
  • Corporate Crossovers
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    June, 2015
    By Lucy Chang-Lorinczi (reviewer) When it's time to leave the office and start your own business... How man...
    Corporate Crossovers - a book review
  • Frances Samuel Sleeping on a Hay Stack | Book Review | Professionelle
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    April, 2015
    By reviewed by Pamela Bell Here are three books by working mothers that you may like to delve into - something ...
    Three books by working mothers - book reviews
  • Go Cry Outside | Book Review | Professionelle
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    April, 2015
    This is something I shouldn't admit too freely, however for all you lovely Professionelle colleagues out there I will…...
    "If you have to cry, go outside" - a book review
  • Another Mother's Love Karen Scott | Book Review | Professionelle
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    July, 2014
    By Nicola Rowe "Karen and Mark were great foster parents, they had a tough job, and sometimes, sadly, these thing...
    'Another Mother's Love' - a book review
  • Women in Government and Leadership | Professionelle
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    April, 2014
    By Angela Atkins I loved Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In. Finally, someone who not ONLY got that as a woman, whe...
    Remember to Lean Out, too!
  • 50 Shades of Feminisim | Book Review | Professionelle
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    April, 2014
    By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes "I've raised my son to be a feminist." At a relevant moment, I dropped this statement...
    50 Shades of Feminism – a book review (eventually)
  • Women's Work Men's Cultures | Book Review | Professionelle
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    January, 2014
    By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes One movie gem this holiday season was Made in Dagenham, the story of how industrial ...
    Women’s Work, Men’s Cultures – a book review
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    December, 2013
    By reviewed by Diana Simpson If you haven't yet read How Remarkable Women Lead; the Breakthrough Model for Wo...
    How Remarkable Women Lead – a book review
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    July, 2013
    By Amanda Clinton The End of Men? Really? While I was standing at the check-out counter of the library, th...
    The End of Men - a book review