Supporting women to achieve career success

Professionelle exists for a sole purpose

To support women to achieve their idea of career success

We want to see more women in senior positions in organisations in New Zealand. With this focus in mind, Professionelle supports women in many ways to provide research-based support throughout the career lifecycle.

Research through collective wisdom

Underlying all the material that we produce is extensive research into the most up-to-date thinking about what works for women and their careers.

At Professionelle we passionately believe that by bringing together working women from all industry sectors and professions, we can tap into their collective wisdom and experience to generate smart and practical solutions that materially assist women’s career progress.

"What makes Professionelle stand out is our research-focussed academic thinking with practical solutions garnered from ongoing interactions with our membership base."


Support at every stage

Professionelle offers professional development for working women at all stages in their careers. Anyone can access our articles, online resources and attend our public events.

Organisations can partner with us to receive the benefits of our cost-effective development in-house.


Keeping you connected

Professionelle hosts entertaining and enlightening panel events with diverse, high-profile, senior female leaders.

Anyone can join us to hear from a group of women we seldom have access to who openly share their experience, insights and wisdom.

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Developing your career

Porfessionelle offers structured and tailored group mentoring programmes as well as professional development seminars and workshops for career-orientated women.

These are safe environments where you can discuss issues, share insights, and gain pragmatic advice that materially benefits you at home and at work.

Resources to help you succeed

Smart and practical solutions to materially assist women’s career progress.

Anyone can access our wealth of articles that focus on all stages of career success.

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Ready to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about how Professionelle's range of services might benefit you or your organisation, please contact our Director, Jayne Chater on or 021 779 967.