Governance and Leadership

  • By Galia BarHava-Monteith I don’t know about you, but my year has started with a bang!  There's so much on, and al...
    January, 2017
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    The People behind Professionelle
  • Vic Crone was the CEO of Xero until the end of 2015 when she decided to stand as a candidate for the Auckland mayoralty....
    April, 2016
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    Q & A with Vic Crone
  • by Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes International Women’s Day is just around the corner as I write this. You know what that mean...
    March, 2016
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    It’s March 8th: let’s party like it’s 1893!
  • by Suzi McAlpine of McAlpine Coaching So: here’s what I’ve noticed in coaching highly successful women leaders....
    November, 2015
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    The Female Leader
  • Woman takes Board Room Meeting| Women on the NZX | Professionelle
    By Sarah WIlshaw-Sparkes In a recent article to celebrate International Women's Day, Professionelle Trustee Fiona...
    March, 2015
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    NZ Update: Women on the NZX
  • Graph | Women in the Labour Market | Professionelle
    By Fiona Fenwick Very recently, Professionelle Board Trustee Fiona Fenwick, represented Professionelle at a multi-Gov...
    March, 2015
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    NZ Update: Women in the labour market
  • Labyrinth Alice Eagley | Coaching & Mentoring | Professionelle
    Women in leadership seems to be the theme of February for me.  Earlier in the month I attended a two day retreat as...
    February, 2015
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    Negotiating the Labyrinth (a talk by Alice Eagly)
  • Opening Gate | Your Mentee Wants to Thank You | Professionelle
    By Sylvie Thrush Marsh Ah, January. My new favourite month. Having survived the transition from full-time stu...
    January, 2015
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    You're Doing It Right: Five Reasons Your Mentee Wants To Thank You
  • Mum's Returning to work | Top Tips | Professionelle
    By Sylvie Thrush Marsh Ah, January. My new favourite month. Having survived the transition from full-time stud...
    January, 2015
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    Mentoring Matters
  • Girl Power | Inspiration | Professionelle
    By Karen Humphries Feminism has become too aggressive, unpopular, man-hating and isolating - why has the word...
    October, 2014
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    Finding Funding for Girl Power
  • Traci Houpapa | Power Coaching onto Boards | Professionelle
    By Donna McTavish Three experienced directors spoke candidly about governance and leadership at Professionelle'...
    August, 2014
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    Power Coaching onto Boards
  • Joanna Grochowicz | Agent of Change | Professionelle
    By Joanna Grochowicz of Bugle There's a great view from the Auckland offices of Be.Accessible.  Several floo...
    February, 2014
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    Agent of Change