Coaching and Mentoring

  • better work stories event
    By Verity Craft Earlier this year, Professionelle’s Better Work Stories event took place. Moderated by Hannah Ockelfo...
    November, 2017
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    “How can you not represent women?”
  • Professionelle mentoring programme
    by Emily Trent As a long-standing member of Professionelle, I was delighted to learn of the launch of the new Profess...
    June, 2017
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    What Professionelle's mentoring programme brought me
  • by Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes International Women's Day is almost upon us again.  If you've been with Professionelle for s...
    March, 2017
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    Be Bold!
  • By Galia Barhava-Monteith What is mentoring, and why is it so important for women? The number of times I have been ask...
    June, 2016
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    The emotional power of mentoring for women
  • peer mentoring
    By Sylvie Thrush Marsh. In June 2016 we are delighted to be launching the inaugural Professionelle Mentoring Programm...
    April, 2016
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    Mentoring - key to career success
  • Informal Mentoring | Blog | Professionelle
    Have a sense that the team you’re in, isn’t working as well as it might? Then check out the article Three Reasons Teams ...
    September, 2015
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    Three Reasons Teams Don’t Work
  • Labyrinth Alice Eagley | Coaching & Mentoring | Professionelle
    Women in leadership seems to be the theme of February for me.  Earlier in the month I attended a two day retreat as ...
    February, 2015
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    Negotiating the Labyrinth (a talk by Alice Eagly)
  • Opening Gate | Your Mentee Wants to Thank You | Professionelle
    By Sylvie Thrush Marsh Ah, January. My new favourite month. Having survived the transition from full-time stu...
    January, 2015
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    You're Doing It Right: Five Reasons Your Mentee Wants To Thank You
  • Mum's Returning to work | Top Tips | Professionelle
    By Sylvie Thrush Marsh Ah, January. My new favourite month. Having survived the transition from full-time stud...
    January, 2015
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    Mentoring Matters
  • Traci Houpapa | Power Coaching onto Boards | Professionelle
    By Donna McTavish Three experienced directors spoke candidly about governance and leadership at Professionelle'...
    August, 2014
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    Power Coaching onto Boards
  • By Georgia My name is Georgia and I am an 18-year-old secondary school student at a central Auckland school, ...
    August, 2013
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    My Future at Work
  • Women in Government and Leadership | Professionelle
    By Fiona Grayson "If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers." ― T...
    July, 2013
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    Shadowing a Leader