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  • Goal setting
    by Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes Why New Year's resolutions fail It's late January, and all around there are gloomy thumps as ...
    January, 2017
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    Goal Setting that Works - 10 Tips
  • By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes What are women's experiences as they forge careers in the music industry? Is it a land of mi...
    October, 2016
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    Women's careers in the NZ music industry
  • As easy as pie? Hmm, that might be an over-statement. If career success were truly that easy, we might see more women in...
    August, 2016
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    Career success that's as easy as P.I.E.
  • by Christina Wedgwood - Director, Intelligent Ink   Founding, owning and running a business is all-consuming;...
    June, 2016
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    Growing your family when business is your first baby
  • by Trish Love of Love to Grow As a part time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for small/ medium businesses, I meet peo...
    May, 2016
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    Slow payers? 10 mindset changes and top tips to get paid quicker
  • A book review by Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes I first tripped across this career guide while I was mentoring a high school s...
    October, 2015
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    The Adventures of Johnny Bunko - a career guide comic book
  • Corporate Crossovers
    By Lucy Chang-Lorinczi (reviewer) When it's time to leave the office and start your own business... How man...
    June, 2015
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    Corporate Crossovers - a book review
  • In presenting this opportunity to members, Professionelle does not purport to give investment advice. Professionelle acc...
    April, 2015
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    SavvyKiwi Offer for Professionelle
  • Graph | Women in the Labour Market | Professionelle
    By Fiona Fenwick Very recently, Professionelle Board Trustee Fiona Fenwick, represented Professionelle at a multi-Gov...
    March, 2015
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    NZ Update: Women in the labour market
  • Mead hall | Career & Finance | Professionelle
    By Nicola Rowe "Languages!" says the Dean, running a thumbnail down my transcript. "Haven't you done anything r...
    December, 2014
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    Everything I needed to know about working with the guys, I learned from Beowulf
  • Stressed Woman At Work | How to Say No at Work | Professionelle
    By Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes I think the main thing that is keeping me playing the 'yes-man' role is that I want to b...
    November, 2014
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    How to say No at work - And why you should!
  • Aurecon Women | Keeping Women in Engineering | Professionelle
    By Sharon Manssen Aurecon's experience I am a female engineer by training and for the past 10 years I have worked for ...
    November, 2014
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    Trying to keep women in engineering