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No matter whether you are at the beginning of your career or at the height of it, Professionelle offers professional development for working women at all stages of their careers.

Thoroughly research-based, what we offer is action-oriented and affordable.

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Since 2007, our professional development events have been attended by thousands of career-oriented women who tell us that we offer a safe environment in which to discuss issues, share insights, and gain pragmatic advice that materially benefits them at work.

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  • by Trish Love of Love to Grow As a part time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for small/ medium businesses, I meet peo...
    May, 2016
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    Slow payers? 10 mindset changes and top tips to get paid quicker
  • Vic Crone was the CEO of Xero until the end of 2015 when she decided to stand as a candidate for the Auckland mayoralty....
    April, 2016
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    Q & A with Vic Crone
  • peer mentoring
    By Sylvie Thrush Marsh. In June 2016 we are delighted to be launching the inaugural Professionelle Mentoring Programm...
    April, 2016
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    Mentoring - key to career success
  • by Sarah Wilshaw-Sparkes International Women’s Day is just around the corner as I write this. You know what that mean...
    March, 2016
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    It’s March 8th: let’s party like it’s 1893!
  • By Anne Elder-Knight This is not the article I intended to write. That one was to showcase the opportunities midli...
    October, 2015
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    When (mid)life gets in the way
  • Informal Mentoring | Blog | Professionelle
    Have a sense that the team you’re in, isn’t working as well as it might? Then check out the article Three Reasons Te...
    September, 2015
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    Three Reasons Teams Don’t Work
  • By Jayne Muller of Altris I was asked recently for my favourite quote and I didn't have to think hard to find i...
    April, 2015
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    Five Simple Strategies to Build Confidence
  • Our networking seminars are the lifeblood of Professionelle. They are a great chance to meet like-minded women and u...
    November, 2014
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    What you can expect from a Professionelle event
  • Marketing to Women | Blog | Professionelle
    By Galia BarHava-Monteith There is no question that women are under-represented in senior positions in New Zeal...
    October, 2007
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    A Perspective on Women and Mentoring
  • the imposter phenomenon
    By Galia BarHava-Monteith The following question is llustrative of similar questions we have been asked about q...
    February, 2007
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    Feeling Like a Fraud - the Imposter Syndrome
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